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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 4, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

9:00 pm spout off about the factor. name and town if you wish to oh bine. do not be an incue bus when writing tous.
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how many errors there are, leading to someone not knowing and in fact, haven't signed up. >> as that work continues as we validate the assessment of the fixes in place, we'll report back to you on that progress and what the numbers are over time. >> do you plan at some point to give us the rate? >> i plan to report on our progress as we have that information.
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>> you'll give us a measure of how many 834s these are affect something >> same information, sarah. as soon as i'm able to validate numbers we'll report on the progress. >> so, no? >> president of health policy and strategy associates, bob good, to see you. and once again, they won't give the numbers. this is important to know. the effect was how many people think they've enrolled when they haven't? >> good for sarah cliff for pressing on that. they don't know is the big problem. now we have two sorts of missing enrollments out there. being called orphans and ghosts it's a mess. orphans are the people companies have enrollment for but they can't figure it out. ghosts are people haven't received enrollment for. carriers don't know how many
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there are. we know there are lots of ghosts, people whose enrollment never made it to companies because they have done small sampling so it's a mess now. >> so there are an untold number of americans sitting home thinking i am fine. i have gotten insurance, i went through the web site. and they will find out when showing up or send kids to the pediatrician in 2014, that they don't have coverage. the hard way? >> well, or, unfortunately like when we have a blizzard in washington, d.c. you can't get out of the airport. everybody says call in advance and ask if the flight is on time. i feel like that reporter saying to people call your insurance company. and there you've got so many people trying to enroll bit end of the year. now people
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thought they were enrolled should check before the end of the year to see if they're enrolled. >> that is the answer apparently to this problem. of it's own making, once again, these people had no idea they're going lose policies promised they'd not lose their policies lost them. now had to go on a web site a disaster to deal with, they didn't want to deal with, now made it through. think they have coverage may not have coverage. now have to sit on the line with insurance companies who knows how long trying to find out if new coverage they never wanted is real? >> yes. and you know, much has been made about how administration has fixed the web site. politics again. they fixed front end because it's a political embar yaks yasment to them. back end is a disaster. they can't pay the insurance companies. they haven't built the system yet. they can't do a reconciliation via computer
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because they haven't built reconciliation system to figure out if the people that the government thinks are covered are covered on the insurance company side there is, news has been circulating the last day or two, that what the government wants to do now is send insurance companies a list of the people they think are covered so the company can compare in hard copy to who they have. some companies are going to have 30, 40, 50,000 people insured and two stacks of paper. they're going to be expected to do a manual reconciliation. they have not built back end of the web site this, is like going into a bank business, opening a bank, taking peoples' money, opening checking accounts but can't send a statement because you haven't built that part of it yet. >> what is the word among insurers? president had a happy face on saying it's solveed and working
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great. it's going on there, enjoy. >> yes. yes. well, and they're saying they have the back end fixed telling people in the call we've just heard a couple days ago 834 problems were fixed that there is one social security bug fixed and 80% of it is fixed. the error rates on enrollments kim coming through on monday are, have just as high an error rate as enrollments from three weeks ago. >> so not fixed >> no reconciliation system yet. not guilt bilt yet. no. it's not built. they haven't started building some of the stuff. >> we'll check back in with you to get your take on what's happening in the insurance market. bob, thanks. >> yes. >> new evidence the president's
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central promises, i should say, another one may northbound serious trouble. do you remember this one? >> if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. period you if you like your doctor or health care provider you can keep them. >> if you like your doctor and plan, you can keep your doctor. you can keep your plan. nobody is talking about taking that away from you. >> well, i'm sure no one was talking about taking it away but it may be happening. on capitol hill several health care experts testified about a host of challenges. one spoke about the shrinking list of medical options available through some of the exchanges. listen to this. >> i don't think the full scope of the networks have become fully appreciated we found a plan with only seven pediatricians. serving a county with 250,000 children. one
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network doesn't have a single cardiologist. one nearest neurologyist was 80 miles away >> i spent 20 years taking care of pash yevents people hurt when they can't get care. people lose lives when they can't get medical care this, is serious stuff. >> one of the people you heard from joins me now. ask scott gottlieb. a resident fellow at american enterprise institute g to see you. >> thank you. >> it's interesting that group is, that is who was represented in that call saying don't worry. you heard bob saying no. there is reason to worry. you're worried for another reason tonight. that is the shrinking network of health care providers that are in the obamacare network.
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>> the plans were certified without having networks in place they just waved plans through. but the plan that's have -- >> what does that mean? >> it means he don't know which doctors are going to be available. for plan that's have formulated networks, on average they're offering access to 40% to 50% of the number of specialists offered in their older plans being cancelled it's going to be harder to get access to a doctor and going to be probably hard to get access to a doctor you used to go see. big issue if you go outside of the network, cost to you could be upwards of 100%. you can pay out of pocket. >> why? >> because the co-insurance is very low. amount of money paid to offset the costs of care outside of their very restrictive networks is typically low.
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>> so all right. you've got a situation, people outside of the network you can't afford? you have to stay inside >> right. you said one low-cost plan in florida had seven pediatricians in the network to service a county with 260,000 children. that doesn't work. too many children. too few physicians so the families who are trying to get their kids in, who have coverage through exchange in this county in florida, you're telling me are going to have to make it work with those seven pediatricians? >> or, you'd hope plans are still going to try to add doctors into networks but they've sent out contracts and a lot of doctors rejected contracts because they weren't willing to pay doctors rates. so they haven't been able to formulate adequate networks. cms, government waived through the plans. they're supposed to ensure there are adequate networks signing up as population. that isn't happen. >> when this, this is scare yes
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to people. they don't want to lose doctors and plans when you mess with that relationship people get upset they like their doctor and they don't want uncle sam getting in the middle of the relationship. either in terms of care or relationship saying it's done because no longer going to be paid or. keep in mind group of people we're talking about for in large part are people told they're going to be able to keep their plan, and didn't have to worry about getting messed with. my question is when this is going to kick in? when are we going to hear stories about people and relationships? >> when people go to try to access health care they've signed up for. come january, people goring to start to try to use plans and find out they're restrictive and you know only good news is that if you sign up for a plan now, you try to use it in january and find you can't get access to your doctors you'll have until march to drop the plan to try to find another plan, now you'll have to
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scramble. it's good news. it's the only way out here. >> you've been a critic of the law. coming up in the "new york times," you co-authored, one of the architects of obamacare. despite your differences you're willing to talk about it. and you are willing to shoot down certain myths about it. include whiching, tomorrow? >> right we say we don't think think there is going to be a doctor shortage. a lot aassumptions make straight line aassumptions for today's resource use. there is every reason to believe resource use is going to go down. that is what we've seen and doctors become more productive. you can't make straight line aassumptions from today. >> they're going to have to be very productive. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> we just spoke about one of the most-important health care promises. just ahead we'll speak with one of the people helping get president obama elected how where the ro promises decided? bill burton is here, live, do you remember bill? and stunning polling next on america's place in the world. [ mom ] over the years, i've learnehow to stretch my party budget. but when my so-called bargain brand towel made a mess of things, i switched to bounty basic. look! one sheet of bounty basic is 50% stronger than a full sheet of the bargain brand. bounty basic. the strong but affordable picker upper.
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i truly believe that the day i'm inaugurated that the country looks at itself differently and the world looks at america differently. >> that was candidate obama on the campaign trail in 2007. today a poll suggests the country is looking at itself differently but perhaps not in the way he anticipated. it is reported that 53% say the u.s. is global ly less importan and less powerful than ten years ago. these are the worst numbers on this question in 40 years. when they asked in 2004 when president george bush was in office only 20% felt the u.s. was less powerful than a decade earlier. joining me now, alan combs and
9:17 pm
mike gallagher, a fox news employee. >> hi, megyn. >> that's dramatic, mike. sit any wonder? syria, benghazi, his disgraceful treatment of the prime minister of israel. there is malaise. people are less confident in this country than ever before. inherent in the numbers are s a decline of patriotism. hard to feel patriotic when we have a shaky world standing right now. the president deserves credit for osama bin laden. that was under his time. >> 53% starting in 2004 so the first few years of the poll reflect the numbers going down in 2004. 53% is twice the number in 2004. that's during the bush administration. >> oh! >> secondly -- >> the views of u.s. global power have fallen to a 40-year
9:18 pm
low. >> this is a survey of americans, by the way. if you want to find out how we are regarded around the world, ask people around the world, not americans. >> ask americans how we are regarded around the world. >> we started wars we shouldn't have started. we have people saying you lied to the president. we have people -- >> that's why? wait a minute. wait, wait. you're telling me the reason the perception of global power is because somebody stood up at the state of the union draenaddress yelled "you lied." that's your theory? >> it's part of a narrative. you have a republican party that shuts down the government. we look like fools to the country. >> here is the narrative. blame bush. blame george bush for everything. >> i wasn't talking about bush. he didn't shut down the government. >> you said it started under george bush.
9:19 pm
that's where the polls started. when you see the flip flop on syria, the total abdication. >> we should go to war in syria? >> we averted war in syria. >> hold on. >> it's a lack of leadership. the american people aren't stupd. there is no confidence in our ability to lead the world like we used to. >> the question is whether or not we are considered important around the world. as americans weighing in on what the world thinks. the world thinks, ask the world. >> there was a question about compared to the past is the u.s. more respected, less respected or as respected. only 7% believe we are more respected. 70% say we are less respected. >> george bush had in 2004 the same number and he had it in his second term. >> is that your goal for
9:20 pm
president obama to do as well as president bush? that's your goal? >> be better. let's compare toyota apples. the same number bush had. >>le if the goal is to be get bether we are going in the opposite direction. >> it was 70% under the bush administration. >> at some point you have to stop. >> where was the criticism? >> eight years into obama, when will you stop blaming bush. >> the same numbers for bush and you didn't say a word. >> it wasn't the same for bush. >> 70%. >> cookies in the green room. >> i'm getting some. >> put that fist down. >> we'll pick it up another time. coming up, a wave of hate crimes put a small liberal arts college on edge. it may not be what it seems. and a woman takes a selfie in front of a would be suicide? and leave a page. like our page and leave a
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comment. don't forget, bill burton is coming up live on the health care law. follow me on twitter@megyn kelly. should we be tolerating sell if is in front of things like suicide attempts?
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from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> they started last fall. a growing number of hate messages at a liberal arts college. now it's taken a twist. trace? >> va sar is so concerned this
9:25 pm
fall they changed the name of the campus life response team to the bias incident response team. just like that, va sar had a rash of bias incidents. 6 in three months. someone spray painting messages like, tranny, know your place and avoid being the b-word. even using the n-word. the dean of college life sent out a campus e-mail that reads in part, this is unacceptable that members of the community should be able to learn and work in environments free of hurtful expression and behaviors. the dean sent out a notice saying those responsible were found and discovered by the bias response team. what the dean reportedly left out is one of the students behind the messages was on the bias response team.
9:26 pm
also was the vice president of student life and is a trans gendered student. the students quit school. the college would only tell us at this point it is a privacy matter regarding students. the college is clearly protecting their privacy. we learned the vice president of student life resign ed and was involved in the va sar college drag show they do every year. megyn? >> thank you. he was on team obama during the birth of the so-called affordable care act. what he's saying now about the president's latest obama care push. bill burton on kwoesz kelly but not the first time with yours truly. this will be interesting after the break. plus, one of the most controversial names in politics jumping in on martin bashir's resignation after his comments about sarah palin. he's out. our panel weighs in. ♪
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for the second day in a row president obama took on the role of insurance salesman in chief promoting obama care. he spoke at the white house youth summit. >> one recent article reported that a surprisingly large number of people are signing up. there is a good reason for that. the law works. most young people without insurance can now get covered for under a hundred bucks a month. >> the president is facing an increasingly tough sell according to a recent cnn poll 53% of americans do not think the president is honest and trustwort trustworthy. bill burton served as national press secretary for the 2008 obama presidential campaign. he's now executive vice
9:31 pm
president and managing director of global strategy group. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this is fun. thanks for coming on the set. >> appreciate you having me. >> there's been discussion about whether the president's newfound assurances ant the law and how it's working and don't worry about the website, get on, it's safe. can be trusted given the trust deficit the polling suggests. can he be should the people believe him? >> first of all, let's start with health care. we are obviously in a period of transition. i think you will see a lot of bumps in the road as we move forward here. >> big bumps. >> the law will work. it's already started to increase. >> very low. there was only one direction the to go. >> a lot of them are 18 to 29. you were probably a straight a student and planned ahead before things were due. >> you keep that rolling. >> a lot of folks will get ready
9:32 pm
right before the deadline. that happened in massachusetts. >> get back to what i said. >> on the trust issue. you know, look. this isn't the first time the president is running on a big serious issue, on the auto bailout. people weren't happy about it. it was unpopular. on the bp oil spill. people called it obama's katrina. >> they think he lied. that's different from didn't handle it well, could have been better. >> same thing people said about bp. >> people think he lied about their health care. what's more personalle? >> what we saw from other issues is that in the moment you can't really judge how the american people will view this particular moment. that's why -- >> i'm talking about the current moment. why trust him when the majority of people believe he's not honest and believe he's already lied to them. >> there is no doubt that there's been problems with the health care rollout.
9:33 pm
no doubt there will be more problems and people will be mad about things as they all come to be. at the end of the day, i think the president will be judged and the progress he can make on this and other things will be looked at in a longer view than just what some poll says. >> it's not just one poll. there's been multiple polls. >> whatever the polls say. >> you were there. somebody who is an intimate of the president and has been working for him and with him for years. did you have first hand knowledge of discussions about that now infamous line -- if you like your plan, you can keep it, period. >> you know, i remember i would belie brief reporters, work with gibbs. it's something we talk about. you know, what happened here with the plan plan as you reported, there was a regulation changed after the law was passed. as it was getting implemented that changed it and made the
9:34 pm
promise a lot less true. >> it made grandfathering go from this to this. >> exactly. to the extent mistakes were made there was a big mistake made in not communicating to the american people that would have an impact. in june, i think it was of 2010. the law was passed in march. in your experience, whose responsibility would it have been to walk into the white house and say, you know, bill, mr. president, you need to know we just did this. it's basically going to gut the promise you have been making. whose responsibility would it have been? >> i'm not sure. >> take a shot. >> there are any number of people who sit with the president. >> sebelius? >> and go over policy issues. >> i know. ultimately would she have been the one who should have done it or did as far as we know. >> i don't know who would have done it. but this should have been clearly articulated.
9:35 pm
it was made for a policy reason. the whole system would work better. >> they want to upgrade. robert gibbs, was he your boss? technically. >> more than technically, he was. >> he's been vocal. >> when people get to msnbc, they go straight to the right. >> that's an interesting theory. he's been saying somebody needs to be fired. if you watch, he's expressing exasperation nobody's been fired which he thinks is in the president's and the country's best interest. do you agree? >> i'm a fan of president obama. there are few people who feel more strongly than me. i know robert gibbs does.
9:36 pm
the fact that he feels like people let down the president, he's expressing the way he did it. >> what about you? >> i don't feel like i can sit on the outside and say this person or that person or this person ought to get fired. >> i'm asking a different question. as a loyalist to the president, somebody behind the law who worked hard with the team to get it passed do you want to see somebody held accountable for this rollout? >> i can't make the decision whether or not it's best to fire somebody. this lies on the president's shoulders. we can't fire the president. >> so you're saying if anybody should be held accountable it's barack obama. >> absolutely. it's the same thing the president would say. if the president fired someone it won't stop the critics. not like you can fire someone
9:37 pm
and turn the page. it would be fire a person, conservatives look for another head, fire a person. you could do it for the rest of the three years. >> aren't you glad it wasn't you? >> i'm glad i wasn't fired, yeah. >> thanks p for being here. the cable news host who launched an ugly attack on sarah palin has resigned. that story isn't done yet. we'll show you why, next. plus president obama had 19 people behind him yesterday during his speech on obama care. who were they and why won't the administration tell us? they are now saying we don't get to know. that's unusual. we'll have more on it when we come back. ♪ who are you. >> i real hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy? ♪ who are you. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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after weeks of controversy the news broke today that the cable news host who publically attacked sarah palin with words too ugly to repeat is now gone. he's resigned. we are still hearing from msnbc critics who remain unhappy. joining me to discuss it fox news contribute tor david webb. this intro is messed up. he started tea party 365. then bernard whitman, co-host of -- i don't know. it's messed up, bernard. and jedediah beelah. martin bashir is gone. this was after a long time.
9:42 pm
not like he made the vile comments which everybody agrees were beyond the pale vile. finally today he resigned. is that enough? >> they couldn't have him be representative of the network. they saw a lot of coverage other networks were doing. i did several segments where i didn't understand how they could get rid of alec baldwin and not martin bashir. this was their effort to stay they were being consistent. >> were they? >> to an extent. if theyed hadn't it wouldn't have gone away for them. this is the way to get out of the news on the issue. >> it's starting to quiet down. >> i'm no fan of sarah palin and disagree with with about everything that comes out of her mouth. but what he said was shameful and disgusting. he had to go. msnbc took too long but at the end of the day he lost his show, his job. that's a clear signal that the network doesn't abide by those types of outbursts nor the
9:43 pm
outburst alec baldwin has. >> without getting into specifics there have been a lot of inflammatory things said there. >> bashir has a long track record. this is what he does. he's a bomb thrower. he went beyond the pale. msnbc is not exempt. their guests do this. i went on the network. amazing what they say to you on set. no matter how much they clean it up, it is the viewers. their ratings are in the toilet. alec baldwin had 101,000 viewers, i think. they are simply seeing the fruits of their bad labors. >> not considered good for viewers at home. >> it's bad business. i believe in free speech. if you do bad tv and offensive tv, americans won't watch. >> let's move on on to the next topic. this man almost committed suicide in new york city. a woman went to the scene and
9:44 pm
decided it would be a good idea to take a selfie. you take a picture of yourself. apparently she wanted to get the potential suicide on camera. the post snapped this photo as she did it. they reported that's what she was doing and that she made a run for it when they asked for her name. is this what seociety has come to? >> it shows why trash tv is successful. it's self-obsession and promotion. we have become detached from humanity, desensitized. we have the to have more compassion and not say, this is a you won't believe it moment. it's suffering. it's horrible. >> makes me feel bad as a perpendicular and a parent when you see this as opposed to this poor man about to end his life -- which he didn't, by the way. the police intervened and got
9:45 pm
him off the bridge. and the knockout game. things are just getting so callous. >> we have a real disconnect. we have separated ourselves. what's between her and her humanity? it's an iphone. i love this stuff. we have become disconnected over decades, not just with the iphone. we walk around with headphones, have video games. i'm not t blaming her for the actions. her friends and family -- and i'm all for putting her picture up there. she made herself a news item. >> wanted to be on camera. >> there were good choices. the word of the year doesn't give you the right to be stupid. >> if she had taken a photo of the man on the bridge without herself in it, it's not great but you could say it's citizen journalism. >> it wasn't about him. it was about her. that's problem.
9:46 pm
they don't take a minute to see what's going on around them. it's an all about me culture. as we move forward and young people step away from that realization that they are a part of something and it's not about them, as afford this is to us, the problem will be worst. >> the desensitization of the youth in this country is alarming that they don't look at it and think, this poor man. i'm about to potentially witness the end of a human life. instead they think it is a funny, photo op they can show to their friends. >> they are doing it at funerals. there is a lack of awareness of where you are, appropriateness. >> that's why trying to talk to kids about anti-bullying campaigns, this is what they are up against. they are less aware of the suffering of others. >> put down the phone and open your heart. >> president obama has been coming out on the offensive on obama care this week saying,
9:47 pm
forget the critics. we'll tell you about things that work. he stands in front of 19 people yesterday. he talks repeatedly about the people and says out loud to my republican critics who pronounce obama care a failure, i advise them to check with the people here today and the people they represent whose lives have been changed for the better by the affordable care act. he didn't say who they were. the white house didn't release their nails or bios. when pressed for the names, a spokesman for the white house said, you are not getting them. >> mm-hmm. >> why not? >> they are political props, not people. it's about saying these people have been helped by what i have done. it doesn't matter. he could have filled the stage with tons of people who lost insurance thanks to obama care. he obviously didn't do it for a good reason, to promote policy. it's not about the people. he does it repeat lid when he wants to push policy. you see him on a stage with people around him. >> today is different. normally they tell you.
9:48 pm
normally they give you the names. if doctors support obama care, okay, i guess you could ask them whether you do or don't. what people have been doing with the health care law is putting on, you know, victims of it and beneficiaries of it with winners and lose rs. he said they were winners. if they are, why can't we know who they are? >> they're not props, they are people. just because you show up to an event with the president i don't know why you have to say my life will be spread out on the cover oh. >> not your life. your name and how you benefitted from the law. >> i have to talk about my health situation? >> if you want it private don't show up at a white house event. >> i don't see why we are talking about this. i thought republicans were concerned about privacy. >> not when they parade out. >> they need to have the details of their private life before the public. >> there is a beautiful way the to do it. don't stand behind the president of the united states as a winner of obama care. >> the nsa could tell you the
9:49 pm
names. >> i look forward to that. >> as someone who's stood on stage with presidents, your name, clearance, everything is done before you get up there. the reason not to put them out there is remember the fake doctors with the white coats? imagine that type of effect. the woman in delaware they said saved money and we found out she got hundreds in subsidies, look at these people. for citizen journalists, you know who they are. let's ask what subsidy it took to get them savings at taxpayer expense which is a net-net economic loss. are there people who will be hecare? yes. who is the factor who pays for it? we pay for it. >> you can't have the president say check with the people here today about the obama care success stories and say, but you can't know who they are. unless you tackle them on the way out of the event you don't get to know. >> from the most transparent president who promised days online, you will know what's
9:50 pm
going on. [ all speaking at once ] >> you're supposed to look at the screen and say, they look healthy. they look happy. >> if you check later their premiums go up. >> one woman obama touted by name and it turned out she was unhappy. she's on medicaid and so on. >> responsible news organizations should look into this. that's the reporting they don't want. >> 375,000 people went to get on the exchanges -- >> everyone want it is last word but i get it. an 11-year-old was told she couldn't sell mistletoe this season. >> this is the mistletoe girl. this is our production facility. >> she's here live next. i'm very much looking forward toyota. >> i love it. >> on "hannity" at the top of the hour -- >> would you advise anybody to go on that site or would you tell them their personal medical
9:51 pm
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muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. new developments in the story of the 11-year-old girl trying to sell hand-picked mistletoe this holiday season. the mayor of portland, oregon is looking into changes in the law that prevented little madison from selling her christmas adornments. joining me tonight, madison. it's so great to meet you. i saw you and knew i needed to know you. you were trying to earn money to pay for your braces. a security guard came up to you in a public park, cite as city ordinance saying you you're not
9:55 pm
allowed to sell mistle toe. what made you mad about it? >> what made me mad is that he said i could beg but i couldn't work hard and sell. what has society come to? teaching kids to beg instead of work hard and sell? >> how old are you? >> i'm 11. >> incredible. going on 30. the next president of the united states in 25 years. here's my question. the city said no. now the people who want to donate because they love that your personal responsibility and your attitude towards life. but you don't want their donations, do you? >> yeah. i would rather have them buy. i'm all into buying and giving something back for their money. >> that's incredible to me. i think a lot of people watching the show would write you a check for nothing. they wouldn't want the mistletoe in response. your answer is i would rather work for it and sell you a product.
9:56 pm
>> of course. that's what i believe in. work ethic. >> madison, how did you get this way? >> just everyone around me. my family, everyone in my family is an entrepreneur. everyone i know is. being around that has been engraved into me. >> i see great things for you in the future. all the best to you. all the best to you. >> thanks. huma. even when weross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america.
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if you want to help madison
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by buying her mistletoe go to space it out. if everyone goes now, the website will crash. but you're used to that. thanks for ing. i'm megyn kelly. see you tomorrow night. welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a jam-packed show for you. senator rand paul, bob beckel and andrea tantaros will be here. plus exclusive details about an investigation conducted by peter sweitzer which reveals president obama never had a one on one interview with disgraced health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius for three and a half years leading up to the launch of the obama care disaster. peter will join us with that story today. first our top story tonight. there were several important house hearings on capitol hill. all focused on the president's disastrous health care law. let not


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